About LeafyStories

If you are looking for Handmade Home Décor and Gardening items that look modern and elegant but doesn’t cost you much, you have come to the right place! Please read on to know more..

Who are we?

Hello there! Thanks for being curious enough to check out our website.

LeafyStories is an endeavor by a female entrepreneur who is a Microbiologist by degree but is passionate about handmade arts and concrete, plywood and crochet is our Monalisa! This website is an expression of such art and an avenue to share it with you and the world.

You should also check out our Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/leafystories/ and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/leafystories/

What do we offer?

We are offering Handmade Home Decor and Gardening items like Planters, Dream Catchers, Nameplates, Wall Hangings, Showpieces, Fridge Magnets, Candle Holders, Coasters and many more, that lend an artistic touch to your house interiors and your garden and are quite economical too.

We are continually working to introduce new products to help you create the perfect home. So please keep coming back for newer products and designs.

Why should you buy from us?

  • All our products are made painstakingly By Hand and with Extra Love
  • We are offering you a diverse range of options in home decor items all in one place
    1. Dream catchers and other Crochet items
    2. Wooden Based Nameplates and Wall Hangings
    3. Cement made Flower Pots with numerous designs
    4. Cement made Gift items like showpieces, keychain holders, wall hangings etc
    5. Cement made Pot accessories
    6. Cement made Coasters
    7. Cement made Candle Holders
    8. keep watch this space for more additions
  • For most of the items we are offering some sort of customisation
  • Elegant and Modern looking products and most importantly,
  • Economical, so don’t burn a hole in your pockets to fulfill your home decor dreams

Where do we sell our products?

We ship our products across India!

We plan to increase scale and sell globally soon. Stay tuned!

How can you order?

Ordering through our website is a breeze and similar to shopping on any other ecommerce site.

Have a look at our awesome product catalogue on our Homepage. ‘Add to Cart’ any product you like and then ‘Checkout’ by filling up the required details. It’s a breeze!

In case of customised products, we shall get in touch with you post order. You can also get in touch with us via the Whatsapp icon for customisation before ordering.

For Bulk Orders, you can drop a mail to leafystories25@gmail.com support@leafystories.com mentioning product code and quantity or contact us via Whatsapp (+91-9903497783) to order.

You can also order via Instagram. Just DM us on Instagram (link shared above) with the product you like and we shall confirm the order.

When can you expect your order to be delivered?

If the product is in stock, please expect your order to be delivered within 7-10 days.

In case of bulk orders, we shall update you on the delivery time separately.

Hope we have been able to give a good profile of ourselves. Please do keep visiting!

LeafyStories Disclaimer

All of our products are handmade and can be customised to your liking. We try our best to make our products as perfect as possible, however in some cases there might be minute variations that naturally occur. This is completely unintentional and unavoidable on our part. We request your kind co-operation in this regard.

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