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Loved the product quality with comes with super reasonable price point

Ankita from Kolkata

Thanks LeafyStories for this cute and pretty Head Band.

Anika from Gurgaon

Thank You

Gargi from Gurgaon

Thank You LeafyStories for sending this pretty piece in such a short time

Rajashri from West Bengal

Thank You

Nivedita from West Bengal

The Head Bands are awesome

Sanghamitra from West Bengal

Thank You LeafyStories for the pretty birds

Your work is Top Notch!

Ankita from Kolkata

It’s really very good in quality and customised as I said

Poulami from Kolkata

Thank You will not be enough for all hard work LeafyStories have done for me

Piyali from Kolkata

A mere thank you wouldn’t be enough for all these hard work that you have done

Piyali from Kolkata

Thank You…Thank You..Thank You

Piyali from Kolkata

Every Handmade item is eye-catchy

Moumita from West Bengal

Thank You so much

Priyanka from Kolkata

All Thanks to LeafyStories for making my home look so beautiful

Abhijit from West Bengal, India

Thanks LeafyStories for a very thoughtful wedding gift

Udit from Delhi

Thank You so much…I love it…It’s so pretty

Aisha from Kolkata

Thanks LeafyStories for the beautiful gifts..

Divya from Delhi

Thank You LeafyStories for this creative one…

Madhurima from West Bengal

Got this supercute and beautiful Dreamcatcher and Planter from LeafyStories…I just love these things…

Shilpa from Kolkata

Loads of Love for LeafyStories

Priyanka from Kolkata

Thank You so much LeafyStories for the beautiful curtain rod hanger

Dona from Kolkata

LeafyStories is very patient…listens to the requirement and do their job really well

Bipasa from Kolkata

Thank You so so much

Shilpa from Kolkata

Your work is so nice

Priya from West Bengal

Thank You so much dear….just loved it

Sowmya from Bangalore

Got them…simply adorable

Jayanti from Kolkata

Thank You

Aashi from Gujarat

The nameplate and Dream catcher is really awesome….it was very hard to choose one from ocean of awesome designs

Salona from Mumbai

Love for Handmade!

Sudarshana from Meghalaya

This is very pretty… Thank you so much!

Ayantika from Kolkata

Wonderful Dream Catcher!

Debotree from Bangalore

Thank you so much LeafyStories for such a wonderful nameplate…

Somali from Chennai

I purchased these beautiful handcrafted birds as decor pieces from LeafyStories and I am loving them

Naiwrita Dey from Kolkata

Love the ideas and concept. Can’t resist myself from purchasing the same

Poulami from Kolkata

Thank You LeafyStories…..This one is just Perfect. Zillion. Thanks!

Nivedita from West Bengal

Thanks LeafyStories

Soumili from Bangalore

Thanks a lot for the Dream Catcher

Anusree from Kolkata

My First Dream Catcher…..LeafyStories, You rock!

Sneha from Kolkata

Thank You so much…..I love it

Sida from Uttar Pradesh

Happiness on Arrival.. Thank You for such innovative pieces

Poulami from Kolkata

Thank You

Akanksha from Hyderabad

Cutest Accessories from LeafyStories

Mona from Punjab

Check out LeafyStories and their wonderful work

Mona from Punjab

Lovely Dreamcatcher

Mona from Punjab

I received the Planters and its super cute

Shampa from Punjab

Love the Products

Payel from Bankura

Lovely Monstera Planter

Madhubanti from Kolkata

I genuinely love your artwork…Lots of love and blessings to you

Anjali from Bangalore

Thank You so much LeafyStories for this mesmerising customised dreamcatcher

Anjali from Bangalore

These are damn awesome guys…thank you so much

Palavi from Bangalore

Thank You LeafyStories for this beautiful nameplate

Ms. Saha from Kolkata

Amazing it is

Debotree from Bangalore

I’ll definitely recommend her (LeafyStories) for such beautiful creations

Ayindrila from Kolkata

Looks really amazing on my wall

Chandrani from Assam

Guess What just arrived?

Mansi from Hyderabad

Beautiful Planter

Madhubanti from Kolkata

Lovely Dream Catcher

Ankita from Kolkata

Lovely Planters

Madhubanti from Kolkata

Such a Beautiful Nameplate

Priyanka from Kolkata

You made my room look more prettier

Retwika from Kolkata

The Perfect Combination for my balcony

Madhubanti from Kolkata

My cute JuJu planter. Thank you LeafyStories for this lovely planter

Durba from Kolkata

Here is the cutest concerete planter……

Riyanka from Kolkata

Thank You so muchhh…I loved them all…especially the magnets

Nidhi from Rajasthan

Perfect home for tiny succulents. Also so much care taken in the packaging. Shouting out!

Keerthana Murthy from Hyderabad

These look beautiful on my Table Top

Tania Deb from Jamshedpur

Based on 6 reviews
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Aisha Desmukh Chaudhari
Aisha Desmukh Chaudhari
I purchased this very cute piece abd I'm so so happy with the purchase ❤️ perfect for Christmas. The collection is very... unique and I totally love all their stuff. Will purchase more stuff❤️read more
Dona Bose
Dona Bose
Thank You soooo much Tiyash for the beautiful home decor - Curtain Rod Hanger which is not only cute and colourful but... also makes my tiny lil corner of the room look extremely beautiful!!! Just the way I have been demanding enough You have been patient and tolerant enough to answer all my queries and keeping all my wishes and demands in mind while making it... U really executed it sooo well!! Thank you so mucch, looking forward to more such exquisite purchases... Leafy Stories by Tiyash highly recommended 💪💪💪💪👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻read more
Debadrita Das
Debadrita Das
I am so lucky that I contacted Tiyash Dasgupta for these beautiful things which she Customised for my new home. ... Extremely cute these pieces are....They are affordable and amazing....Lots of love and keep making these for us..❤️❤️❤️read more
Tiyasa Kaaju Mukherjee
Tiyasa Kaaju Mukherjee
beautiful collections at a very low price range! kudos! 😀😍
Anurima Mandal
Anurima Mandal
Bought this two pots and a customised mat from my heary deary frnd... this hanging pot add extra color and brightness... to my lazy room... mat r customised with her own ideas and this gives my boring tea table a smart look... if u wanna make ur room more bright and give some color then give it a try from here... I assure u never ever get upset...u will fall in love wid this home decor... thanku for the spcl purple rose tiyash... it's a very spcl gft for me... keep it up... 🤘read more
Somesubhra Patra
Somesubhra Patra
handmade, eco-friendly, trendy & unique designs, most value for money, easy to order, customisable products on request.... what more do you want ?it is really nice to see people coming up with innovative ideas, breaking the monotony of regular products. Indeed a commendable job, keep doing it, all the more
Anika Abhinav Sharma
Anika Abhinav Sharma
beautiful customised product for yourself and to gift someone... Got mine and I am very happy with the product. Would... recommend leafystoresread more
Durba Ghosh
Durba Ghosh
Super happy with your planter..It not only looks beautiful,the finishing is great too..Hope your creations reach the... highest popularity soon because you truly deserve this..♥️read more
Seemanti Ghosh
Seemanti Ghosh
A wide and wonderful range of hand made products attracted me...even my choice was given importance to...received a... customized planter very beautifully built...the artisans note inside the parcel added a special feel to the buyer seller interface...a heartfelt thanks to you dear...hoping for more lovely more
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